Integrated 3D Module

TerraVision software experts will implement, support or consult to integrate and synchronize 3 Dimensional Module with GIS sub-system, in Control & Command system.


  • 3D Module integrated in C&C system improves situational awareness information suitable for decision makers with a perspective display of a command center environment onto multiple information screens.
  • 3D Module enables improved control and command capabilities, especially with multi video sensor C&C systems.
  • 3D Module synchronized with 2D maps enables complete site coverage.
  • 3D Module enables improved Lines Of Sight investigating capability.
  • 3D Module enables improved Sun Shading capability according to geographical Location, Date and Time.
  • 3D Module enables improved Video scene projection understanding, either while comparing the Real Video with the virtual scene, or while projecting the Video foot-print on the 3D virtual world.
  • Indoor and Outdoor 3D modeling integrated in C&C system improves comprehended control and command, especially in complicated and multi-story facilities.